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New Rating System

It's been a while now since I started this blog and my rating system wasn't meeting my needs anymore, so I decided to create a new and improved system that I think works best for me at this point of my reading-reviewing life. 
The old rating system consisted in one piece, in which I rated the book between 1-5 clocks (depending on the time I thought a book was worth for me) and had little phrase representing that.
The new system has two parts:

First, I have the Rating. This is pretty much the same thing I used on the old system. I will rate the books from 1-5 clocks depending on the time I think a book is worth. But this time I'm only going to put the clocks graphic. The meaning of each of the possible rating is below:

Rating Chart 

 1 clock:  This book was a waste of my time. Honestly, I regret picking it up in the first place. The kind of book you should use as a weapon or just set on fire for good measure.

2 clocks: This book is for people who really have time to spare. I do not. I didn't hate it, but It wasn't good enough for me, because there are so many amazing books out there waiting for me to get to them and so little time. It definitely could've been a lot better.

3 clocks: It was alright. I don't regret reading it, I think it was worth my time, but it's still just okay. It was nice, but I probably won't be reading again. Once is enough.

4 clocks: This one was actually pretty good. I really enjoyed it! I would read it again and if it's part of a series I'll be definitely checking out the next one. Totally worth it!

 5 clocks: This one was worth every single second I spent on it. It was so much more than I excepted. I would read this one over and over again. It is the kind of book I would take with me to a desert island.

The second part, is the Reaction. This section consist in phrases which describe how I felt about the book in general (not only-time-related). There are 10 options: 


Also, for this new Rating System I wanted to include a category that I didn't though it was necessary before, but with the little time and the huge amount of books on my TBR list, now I think is needed.
I'm talking about the DNF (Did Not Finish) category. I will list every book that I wasn't able to finish. I will not review the books on this category because if I didn't finish it, I don't think I can give any advice involving the title. I'll just briefly explain why I wasn't able to finish each particular book.
Here you can find those books:

 Old Rating System 

My rating system is based on how much time I think a book is worth. Obviously my rating will be based on my personal preferences and I'll state it in my reviews if I think the book could be worth it for other tastes. I do not use half points. Below you can see my rating chart. 

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